Our Team

A Programmer Looking At Computer Screen We Do Not See His Face

A Genius Engineer

Rust developer and Raven's lead engineer, Ryan Kopf, is a distinguished computer engineer and a highly-regarded technologist, known for being outstanding in the field. Graduate of The University of Iowa, and with a 23-year background in code, he possesses a unique approach to programming, thinking in code as much as in English. His professional journey started with the elegance of Ruby, and evolved to the efficiency and high performance of Rust. His code is thoroughly tested, documented, and regularly updated.

A Business Wizard

Our sales and business expert, Lucas, is a seasoned professional in mobile technology sales, recognized for his exceptional skill and knowledge in the field. With a dynamic career spanning over two decades, his has mastered the art of communication and negotiation, always staying ahead in the rapidly evolving mobile tech industry. Known for his innovative sales strategies and a deep understanding of mobile technology trends, they have consistently delivered outstanding results and cultivated strong relationships with clients. Lucas has an expertise in creating lasting partnerships and understanding the unique needs of each customer in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Lucas from Sales