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By Ryan Kopf, University of Iowa Computer Science
Last Updated May 11, 2024

Raven's templating system offers flexibility and power to your web development workflow. You can easily manage your website's structure and design using our intuitive features.

Automatic Head Content Management

With Raven, you can place <title>, <style>, and <script> tags directly within the body of your HTML. Raven intelligently moves these elements to the head section automatically, simplifying your code and maintaining clean document structure.

Content Inclusion with Templating

  • Page Rendering: Use <%= pagename %> to include the content of another page within the current page. This feature facilitates content reuse and modular design.

Raven looks for a file named 'layout' to display each page within this unified layout, ensuring a consistent look and feel across your site. The layout file can dynamically include other parts of your site such as navigation or footer by calling <%= nav %> and <%= footer %>.

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